Meet the Crazy Squad

Bullish Bear

Hi all,
the Chatroom Stalwarts are trying to organise a gettogether in Greenwich. This is to have only the flimsiest connection to trading, and is meant to be a chance for likeminded souls to get P*ssed together and 'ave a laff!
It is also your chance to meet the infamous rosso and see if he measures up to his ferocious reputation or to find out if he is a nancyboy who wears his mum's underware!
We are looking at an afternoon start sometime towards the end of the week or at the weekend.

Let us know if you are up for it!
Couldnt resist that, could you BB?

Yes, once again, I will be there (that should be reason enough for no-one to want to attend...)
Well, Brooke says she aint coming if Bullish Bear insists on wearing his purple mask.....

so..... Two's company, Three's a crowd!

pllllllllllllease someone else say they are coming too!!
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Only posted this to get the thread back on the Homepage...

Else no one else will turn up!!!!!

Come on , Sun....... cant you get City Index to dig into their pockets!!! :rolleyes:
Hmm, not encouraging this is it lads? LOL

Looks like it's just going to be the three of us!

Shame on you, fellow T2W'ers. Do you not know a good time advertised when you see one??? LOL
Would love to join you guys, but am a bit far away (Somerset)with too many comittments near term.

shame ,would love to see Ross on his silver horse, taking a break from business in London..

Have a good time
A great idea - why has no-one thought of it before?!

Do you have a definite time and location yet - I'm sure a lot of us would like to join you, but some need to work around families and in my case organise child care!
Well we'd originally suggested Greenwich as it was convienient for all of us...sorry I mean some of us (BB...) ;)

I think the general feeling was Thursday afternoon....having said that I may now not be able to make it... :eek: but it's only a little "may not be able to"!.

So let us know if thats feasible.
OK, for any who are interested (hands in the air? Er, no-one.... :cheesy: )

This Friday, 2-3pm onwards. Covent Garden.

Reply to the thread if you're interested.