Margin-free trading?


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Spread 0.15% on DAx = 6 points...
Futures spread +costs on IB =3/4 points
CMC =4 points




Would I trade with them.. ? I guess if I had little money and was very good...


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Sidinuk, I see your point. But ultimately your trading results depend on the trading strategy that you embark upon, and the absence of margin requirements can rather help in than interfere with achieving your trading goal (provided that you have one :)).


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balusa, I totally agree with you. As long as your sensible (which you obviously are) and have a trading system then the lack of margin can be beneficial.


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I wonder if the notion of margin ever matters any more given the strong upward trends that seem to have firmly established themselves in the economy lately...:) I went long on EURO a couple of days ago at 1.2589 and I have been making steady gains ever since... It just seems I cannot lose. I wonder how my broker will cope with the situation when he will be deluged with requests to pay up...:) Anyone has the same winning positions as i do?


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Balusa, what are you going to say now?


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balusa said:
It just seems I cannot lose.

No offence,but making that statement is on it's own enough to suggest that that is exactly what you will do.
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