Managing Several Investments on my Personal Account


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I don't think this is the right spot for this topic, and I'll look for a better one. Nevertheless, I would like to keep track of the individual money of family members who invested in my personal trading accounts.

Does anyone know of software or pre-built spreadsheets that are sophisticated enough to keep track of all money movements, whether accounts' gain/losses or members' random management decisions?

It doesn't have to be fully automated, but the lesser human input the better, of course.



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Shouldn't excel do the trick? Might need to have the raw data across a few tabs but you can have a summary tab so you can see a top level overview quickly. How do you need to structure the accounting of the different investments? Probably some other stuff out there that can give you what you want but am certain you could build a quick and dirty spreadsheet in excel.........


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Thank you for your answers.

Yes, I am sure I could so it myself, but I am hoping to find something more sophisticated than what I could figure out myself.

Are the portfolios on Digital Look any different than on Myfxbook for example? That is, is there more to these portfolios than keeping track of my investment accounts by the broker?

I do use portfolios to separate different investments by risk level. That is, I have several accounts on different brokers, which I group in Low/Med/High risk with portfolios. But these portfolios only take into account the movements of my accounts by the broker.

What I am trying to do is to keep track of the money sent to me by different family members, which I then invest and spread around on these different brokers and accounts (i.e. my step father's money end up on the same account than that of my father's, though they each invest a different amount at a different time), a part of which they want to withdraw every now and then after having made some profit.

I'd like to gain some freedom of timing for these transactions by automatizing the calculations of individual investments and rate of gain/loss and withdrawal.

Basically I would need something that could keep track of individual percentage of investment on each account by the broker and of total investment, at any critical moment of a new investment or withdrawal. That is, for example, a sort of spreadsheet in which I would enter the date and amount of an individual investment/withdrawal, how I divide it among my different trading accounts, and that spreadsheet would calculate what percentage of the total investment this represents, and how that person's money evolves/has evolved based on the evolution of the different accounts this money is/was invested in.

It would be like managing each of my current investment accounts with a sort of Multi-Accounts Manager, without opening an official MAM by the broker. It would be to manage multiple investments on my regular bank account, that are then traded together on my broker accounts.

I hope this is clear enough. I am a native French speaker.


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Just so you know. You normally need the power of attorney to trade other people's money, and have access to software for MAM's proposed by brokers. But my nuclear family doesn't quite care...


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I think that Neil was right and that the best would be to see this with an accountant, for legality as well as for customized automatic calculations.
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