Macd Histogram for Forex


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Can anyone give me please a cheap or free charting service I can use a MACD Histogram on for foreign exchange. Thankyou.


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I've double checked & they both feature combined histogram & lines.

Doubt you'll have much luck if you're after a free site that offers the histogram alone. I'm not aware of any 'cheap' ones either.


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you can delete the the macd lines from the fxcm charts to leave just the hist if you want.. and with post he bcame a senior poster.. :D


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I wonder if single smiley posts will elevate me to 'legendary status Darktone????....or would I have to actually spout reams of philosophical jiggery pokery & become a 'serious' student of the trading academy first??!!......... :cheesy: :D :confused:


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It might do. Try adding a single smiley to your post. But remember like all things it takes practise. On one post it will all fall into place and make sense, but practise, practise practise. Try it for another 874 posts at least. I'm pretty sure you'll make it then. :LOL:

That's one to help you along.


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LOL.........nahhh, think I'll do it the more conventional way boys!....not that anything I have to say makes too much sense after 9.00am anyway!!...


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Not on this comp here DT. The good one is in Clacton. I swapped them over, 'cause I didn't expect to be down here much longer. Expected to be working from Clacton while the Barking sale went through, but as I mentioned to you my solicitor is an idiot. Turns out the buyers solicitor is an idiot as well. Hence, I'm down here, running around and doing their work for them and probably getting charged for it.

This comp is decrepit and slow so I have to watch what I put on it, as it is the fxcm blanks and charts freeze every 20 mins or so and I have to close and open the charts again to restore all.

Couldn't even dream of putting cmc software on here. Comp would have a coronary. Hope to be back next week, so I'll link up with you then. Or in the traders room Sunday night for the forex open. Can't promise to be coherent though. I'm saying goodbye to a few peeps over Sunday lunch in the pub, so god know what state I'll be in. (Well, actually I do 'cause the wife's in Tenerife.) :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:
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