Looking to Converse with fellow traders over Skype or discord.


Hello everyone, I'm a day trader that has recently gone professional. I have gone through countless trades with my trading system and have proven a slight statistical edge with the system. As my system only has a slight statistical edge, I figure that there is probably some way that I can improve it even further. I'de like to discuss my system with fellow traders on discord or Skype and perhaps compare and/or contrast our trading systems/concepts. I find that one of the best ways to improve in stock trading is to spend more time learning than actually trading. There are only a few ways of being profitable in trading but so many different ways of messing up!
If you're interested in exchanging ideas and knowledge with me, please email me at: [email protected].
We all have our own blind spots in trading.
I will reply in short order, thank you.
I'm also day trading. Back in 2008 we had a great chat room going via Skype. Let's see if we can't replicate that again now everyone is stuck indoors...