Looking for historical 1min MT4 data

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Active member
Jan 10, 2015
Last November I had to reinstall my MT4 and I lost all the stored 1min data I had accumulated.

That makes EA backtesting limited.

Would somebody who has had their MT4 installed for at least a year, care to export the 1min data and share it here?

You can upload it safely to somewhere like www.ZippyShare.com.

Thanks in advance for anybody's help.


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Jan 24, 2006
I think this is daily data anyway. dont waste your money on this,

The application they have lets you download tick data.

Download the app and you can download as much tick data as you like then. The free version of tickstory only works with older versions of MT4 so you have to decide whether you want the paid version - it's not a lot of money. - it's up to you but I've found it invaluable for testing and I personally would recommend it. I have no affiliation to tickstory.

The tickstory interface is a little clunky and leaves you scratching your head to start with - but once you get it going it works a treat. I have IG MT4 config files for the data export if you are using that broker - with the correct margin and limits set.

EAs which work on 1min data don't always work when you subject them to individual tick data so it's well worth having a look to improve your testing.