Live stock quotes in excel via DDE or other ?


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Hi All -

I am currently using Thomson One's package to obtain real time quotes into excel. I would like to use another (less expensive) service. I've tried (& disappointed) with Yahoo RT for I cannot add stocks easily (I review 200 - 300 different stock + covered call option quote combinations) and frequently add a stock and it's corresponding call options to see if the combo makes sense.

When I obtain a stock price, I can add a formula into excel such as:

=ILX|Q!'intc, bid' (live quote for INTC)

and it's corresponding option:

=ILX|Q!'INTC1320G22, bid' (INTC Jul22 Call)

You must know the "formula methodology" for the options string and it can be tedious, but it's workable.

I've tried Think or Swim (TOS) and just had bad luck with getting it to work. (=TOS"BID!intc) (would work on one machine and not the other and tech support said we don't want you using that feature -- thanks!).

I could get quotes from "RTQDownloader" but could not get a response on how the options formula worked. (=RTQ|BID!intc).

Has anyone been able to get something else working. I like excel for I can sort by columns (total return that I calc real time or P/E's or by month for ex).

Free would be nice for obvious reasons, but something less than $200 / mo is really what I am trying to accomplish. I'd somewhat open to opening an account at another brokerage, but frankly, every time I get a recommendation and do so becomes tedious when it doesn't work.

I've attached an XLS and PDF versions of the file (drastically shortened) of what I use if it helps.

Thanks for your help.



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