Linda Bradford Raschke and Oliver Velez

André Malpel

Hi, and sorry if you consider that it is "spam", but it is not.

Because, our French TA Forum is the only european conference only dedicated to TA and Trading, and in more, with an entrance completly free, I think that is not an commercial advertising/spam.

I just wanted to inform you about, some free lectures in English and on the Trading, that will be show during our forum in Paris:

-With Linda Bradord Raschke (LBR Group):
A/ -Friday 21 march 19h00 - 21h00 (THEATRE CARDIN - 2 hours / Free event) : "Volatility Conditions dictate Trading Strategy"
B/ -Saturday 22 march 19h00 - 21h00 (THEATRE CARDIN - durée: 2 hours / Free event) : "One Swing at a Time - Staying in Rythm"

-With Oliver Velez (Pristine)
A/ -Friday 21 march 18h00 - 19h30 (AUDITORIUM : niveau 1 / Free event) : "Swing Trading"
B/ -Saturday 22 march 15h45 - 17h15 (THEATRE CARDIN / Free event) : "Guerilla Trading"

Please, if you want, other explantions, you can go on our website: but just only in French.

Best regards
André Malpel - CEO
The procedrures entrance is very simple

Because the normally rule of our Forum is an entrance completly free, you can have a free invitation directly in the french financial newspapers/magazines that are partners, or obtain one by proceed to an inscription directly on our website (on the home page, on the left click on "s'inscrire"), and after fill all spaces (Name, firstName, Adress....) you must click on "envoyer" (= to send it).
After, you must print it, and that' all because when you arrive to the entrance to our Forum, you show this paper to our hostess, that will give you a free ticket (normally cost : 8 euros). Warning, only one ticket by inscription, sa taht, if you are many, you must fill and print many papers.

André Malpel
CEO - Comitee Organisation