Level 2 trading simulator

Before you start trading for real, you should definitely try paper (practice) trading. Try using a real-time Level II stock trading simulator.

To find a free simulator, just go to www.google.com (or any search engine) and search for: "Level II stock trading simulator" You'll bring up several sites that offer a free simulator.

Your best bet is to try one of these free simulators and test your theories and strategies before you start risking your own money. Making paper trades in a test enviornment is a good way to learn how to trade and get executed. Plus they usually give you real-time charts as well Level II quotes which are your best tools for making good trading decisions.

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Hmm, let me guess what the first result will be...

Come on nyctrader, please play by the forum rules. Advertising is advertising, however you mask it!
I'm trying to help people out and show them how to paper trade without risking any money. New traders can learn alot from a real-time demo. If you don't agree that's a good idea, maybe you should rethink your stance.

I didn't put any direct link, so Why don't you lighten up Paul?


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I have no problem with helping people to learn to trade. Why do you think we have this site? What I do take offence to is when someone joins then immediately posts multiple times advertising the same products across various forums, it's commonly referred to as spam. I would thus ask you to respect our rules, if you want us to treat you with equal respect.

If you're posting here on the forums to share your knowledge and help others.. then great, we would genuinely welcome your contribution - but if you're here simply to advertise your company then you will be banned (which will hardly reflect well on the company you represent).

This is a final warning.
Well stated, really. I particularly like th threat at the end. Maybe instead of arguing like little girls we can actually discuss trading. After all I have day traded since 1996 and made quite a substantial amount doing so. I might just know a little something about how to help the new guys.

Back to the actual topic here...
When you paper trade using the simulator, pay attention to how the Level 2 screen shows strength and weakness at different price levels. You can get a feel for how the price moves are reflected early in Level 2. Often you can see small increment moves forming by looking at price strength and weakness levels.

Feel free to PM me for more info, I wouldn't want anyones feathers to get ruffled if I say the wrong thing on the board.
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