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Hi guys
Just wondering if anyone knows of any good/inexpensive sources for Level 2 data on UK stocks with market maker orders visible. I am using Etrade and looking at AZN but cannot see who's entering the orders....

For example.. by the way, can anyone interpret this as I've no idea what it means... from what I can gather, looks to be more resistance than support.. also if it can get below 2700 then next price is 2670.. 30 point away..


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Good luck bb using L2. I used it for 8 months but couldn't get the benefit. For example your snapshot shows a jump down 30 points if 2700 is breached. The reality is that orders will be instantly changed/added/deleted as soon as 2700 is approached. I found this frustrating to read.

As I understand you don't see the mm for each order for LSE trading. Naz has a good thread on this for US trading. Therefore you can't see the games played by the ax (controlling mm)

Overall volume of orders and depth on both sides was an okay indication of sentiment but when v.large changes occured on the inside bid/offer orders it becomes unusable.

Only my opinion, but the extreme lack of info on the web about L2 use for UK trading drove me to ditch it. I hope others have more positive comments. Good luck with this thread bd.

BTW I used ADVFN L2 for £50/month then used the free etrade version, which I found quicker.
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L2 in the UK doesn't break down orders into who is doing them. For that you will need to switch to the Nasdaq.