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What was the forex weekend largest gap you ever noticed ?

Thank you in advance

I do remember around 2009 GBP/ USD with a Gap about 150Pips , but later that all the charts you can find were changed , that gap(s) simply gone, I recorded all major pairs 24/7/365 for many years from VHS to 3TB hd.


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From new market wizards:
Although I was not at Soros Management at the time, I've heard that prior to the Plaza Accord meeting in the fall of 1985, other traders in the office had been piggybacking George and hence were long the yen going into the meeting. When the yen opened 800 points higher on Monday morning, these traders couldn't believe the size of their gains and anxiously started taking profits. Supposedly, George came bolting out of the door, directing the other traders to stop selling the yen, telling them that he would assume their position. While these other traders were congratulating themselves for having taken the biggest profit in their lives, Soros
was looking at the big picture: The government had just told him that the dollar was going to go down for the next year, so why shouldn't he be a pig and buy more [yen]?

That was a weekend move in 1985, 1985 was a long time ago, but we got an even bigger move today in CHF.

So yeah anything is possible really, 1000s of pips as a gap between friday and sunday if the news is big enough.
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