Keep it Simple ?

I trade with one simple strategy, to win! Sounds simple, but most people don't. I don't spend much time actually trading. I check the prices in the morning, consult the stars, sorry, charts and if the time is right, I enter a trade. I am very patient allowing the good trades to come along. I have spent quite a while studying the markets so I can almost tell whats going to happen. People are right, it has become a skill. Skills of course need learning, practice after all in this game loses money.. I decided to give up practicing a long time ago. I have found a system that works, and is quite obvious to see when it happens. Does anyone else have very profitable systems
There are a lot of people that have profitable systems. How profitable, is in the eyes of each particular person. Many,many more have great loss making systems. Very few profitable traders divulge their secrets. I wonder why?...
ChartMan, I'm willing to divulge my loss making system for nothing :D

ps. thanks for the networking help - got a router on order as the first step.
The router is a good move- expensive, but worth it in terms of hassle free install+ the bonus of firewall protection.