Just another broker ?!

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Aug 22, 2005
I currently use the Instaquote elite platform for trading US stocks. It's realtime, direct access, buy&sell with a click. It costs me 99$ unless I make >200 trades (in & out = 2 trades). I'm actually pleased with the software and the TA capabilities it has. The only problem is ... my broker! It costs me +- 34$ to trade (in&out) 1000 shares (fees included). When I made the sum of the costs I payed to my broker last year, I amost got sick :eek: So what now?

- I want a broker that is much cheaper
- I want a broker where I can trade US stock (maybe US futures in the future)
- I want a broker that is very reliable
- I want a broker that offers me realtime data & 1-click buy/selling
- I want a broker where it's fairly easy to get money from my account
- I want an european broker if possible
- I want a broker where I can switch my account between euro & dollar if possible
- I want a broker that has good charting possibilities (or can I get this somewhere else? Suggestions?)

Looking forward to the replies ! :cheesy: