joke question: what transaction would imply negative valuation? (market cap)


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this is a joke question.

I'm looking for financial joke "transactions" (don't really have to be able to be performed, even among friends) that would on any level (even farcically or at a stretch) seem to imply a negative valuation (market capitalization) of a company?


"I own stock 1000 shares in XCorp, and here's 100 bucks if you'll take it off my hands! Therefore: in that transaction the shares are valued (again, jokingly), at negative -$100, which can be used to "calculate" (jokingly) a negative valuation of the company being traded"

The problem with this is that you have to already own the stock. What about some kind of derivative? Like: I will pay you $100 now for the option to take 1000 shares of XCorp off my hands later for an additional $100 (again, me paying you to take them off my hands), if I have XCorp shares then!

What else? What about debt? Something about XCorp putting up shares as collateral, having negative value... I can't really make this one work...

So come on, ye creative geniuses: what other examples can you think of in this vein!

This is just a joke thread!!
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