It’s Lehman the sequel, with Merkel as Bush


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he does tend to write plenty of drivel.
Two benefits for me when The Times finally goes behind a paywall; I'll never read it again and it'll finally stop my previous compulsion to lay into him on the comments section...:D


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Private Eye occasionally do pieces on Kaletsky, highlighting complete contradictions in what he says from one month to the next. I don't know whether someone reads everything this man says or if they have a special print search engine for their archived material, but it's not difficult to spot his gibberish. I recall back in 1999 he called for the UK to join the euro, said it was inevitable and bring untold benefits, there was a big fuss about it at the time (I think people give him more credence because he has a foreign name.. if he was 'Bob Murphy' it wouldn't sound as good).


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Fare play guys, I wasn't saying he was infallible.. Just thought was a good summary in places of figures about sovereign debt.
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