is it ok to have a not very technical, but 'intuitive' trading strategy.


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Douglas takes about this 'intuitive' style where you can feel what the market will do next. I cant imagine getting to that stage unless you're 10-15 years consistently profitable. Anyone below that needs structure and probabilities.


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Everyone's trading strategy is personal to them and if yours seems to be working then there's no need to change it. I have tried a bit more of a relaxed method and I found myself making silly mistakes. I like a good structure and low risk strategy but it is a personal preference.


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I think we have made it very common and natural to believe that trading can only be complex. If your analysis doesn’t involve complicated calculations or you don’t use different technical tools then you are doing something wrong. However, the thing is, even after doing all this success isn’t guaranteed but sometimes when technical analysis fails, your intuition can be correct. Therefore, if it’s working for you don’t think much.


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I'm not taking about trading by feel, without any consideration of facts and figures, but to what extent can a good strategy be flexible , do you always have to have rigid entries and exits , determined by indicators, specific candlestick patters etc. along with fixed take profit levels and stops and position sizes , and you have back tested it thoroughly to find out its mathematical edge . or can you be more flexible . I'm using the latter method and it had done well so far , with a net profitability of 33% since sep, but then again I'm very new and it could just be luck, is the former method more reliable in the long run. as you clearly know its risk and , how large potential loses can be etc.
You have to have at least one solid strategy. It may be derived from fundamental or technical. I personally like trading on technical analysis. However, there are traders trading on only fundamental as well. Your strategy must be applied on demo first to be able to find out how consistent it is.


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Your way of using a strategy is exactly what I want to say to everybody whenever I am talking about a strategy. A strategy is not perfect as it is. It needs to be moulded sometimes for your convenience in particular situations. Once a trader learns this, there is a high probability that the profits will be quite consistent.


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Trading based on intuitions is kind of emotional trading which I neither prefer to do nor would I suggest. It is important to make trades based on logic and make trading decisions rationally.


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There is no harm in intuitive trading until your account is raising up. Though I suggest you to understand technical terms also. This will act as add on to your super intuitive power!
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