Is it a full moon or something?


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:rolleyes: What's happening to this excellent site? Looking at some of the posts recently our moderators will need to become referees or seconds in dawn duels.

Maybe posters should reflect on chatroom rules which seem equally applicable to the boards:

Please treat other users with the same respect and courtesy you would like to be treated.

Don't be afraid to jump in, our members are a friendly bunch and always welcome contributions

Let's all be :D :D :D :D traders and posters.

good trading

Yes it seems a shame,

I joined the site a few months through recommendation, quite pleased to find it really, I have been trading for some time Thought i would be a good source of info, banter & chat .

as traders are few & far between it is good to have somewhere where they can come together...........however I didn't think things would get so hostile & personal.

I see some people r now choosing to leave, says something really especially as they were such big contributors.

but if things dont 'chill', i could see more leaving, as it is just not worth the hassle.
I am probably as guilty as anyone here but I think if there is a problem between two users of this website, they should try and sort it out using the private message facility. All this arguing on the threads just clutters them up. I have resolved one argument with a couple of PM's.

Personally I prefer it if people are allowed to say what they feel, there is nothing worse than everyone agreeing on everything, but a negative comment in a post can be exaggerated and hurt the person it is leveled against.

The main problems seem to be with people who make comments about the market without revealing how they came to their conclusions. Personally I don't mind this as long as they are not trying to flog a book, course or other trading materials.

This website has a great community of people who are willing to share their knowledge and other people that just comment but can start off some thought provoking debates. I hope we can all get on together and not end up like some other online communities where too much time is spent bickering.
Yes, I'm afraid I'm one of the guilty parties for having a bit of a slanging match lately with another member. Not happy about it but its happened so there you go.

BB, you're right in what you say, though : the aggravation that appears on most of the BB's seems to come from people who claim to have the holy grail, and use it as some kind of taunt for others, which, understandably, gets people's backs up - mine included.

Barjon's comments are good : perhaps there should be a standard of posts - treat people as you would expect to be treated.

Hopefully Helen and others won't leave, and we can get things back to "normal"!
damn, i fly home to take care of some property matters, and in that time i've missed all the action