Is Arotech worth it? is it a penny stock?


I know that generally speaking people say to avoid penny stocks because of the large risk. However I have been watching Arotech (ARTX) for over a month now and it closed out today at $0.44. Would this be considered a penny stock? I've watched it fall and fall and can't help but feel that it has finally hit rock bottom and has no place to go but up. The company is profitable and as far as I can tell doesnt have any money problems. The reason I ask is I recently bought 240 shares at .41. Total cost to me is $98.4 if the stock jumps back up to .85 a share, I've doubled my money. Normally stocks dont rise that much very quickly but with the extremely high volumes traded in the last 2 days and with the potential for a year end rally it seems like a less risky proposition. If anyone could share their thoughts I'd love to here them
In about 3-6months i will buy a small postion if it´s still in business,it´s low over the long term,needs more time under control.

I can't quite decide if this is an excellently disguised attempt at ramping or a genuine question.

If it is a genuine question: IMO, yes it is a penny stock.

If it's ramping: my bottle of 20 year old port that I'm enjoying says.... Ha! I will go and buy a truckload tomorrow............. :LOL:

blufrgman, I hope this is a ten-bagger for ya but I don't want any.

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