International broker with reasonable fees and min balance?


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I'm a Canadian looking to travel a bit and may move to Colombia, Brazil or Uruguay I'm not sure yet.

As a trader how will I get access to US markets in a cheap and reasonable way?
I already have a Questrade account but it is Canadian only. I recently opened an Interactive Brokers account but the trading fees are too high. I paid $27.50 to buy 6000 shares of TNXP yesterday($5500 worth), and another $27.50 to sell today. Such a trade would only cost $10 each way with Questrade, or even less with a discount US broker such as Just2Trade or Sogotrade.

After a bit of research Schwab, Fidelity and E-trade come up as good options. But Schwab requires 25k minimum which is a bit too high for me right now.

I was hoping to find an interational broker with reasonable fees and minimum balance.

BUY commissions for recent trades on IB
ADPT quantity: 155 price: $53 commission fee: $1.00
BLIN quantity: 6800 price: $0.82 commission fee: $34.00
GCO quantity: 105 price: $51 commission fee: $1.00
PVCT quantity: 40500 price: $0.127 commission fee: $32.50
SHLO quantity: 785 price: $7.15 commission fee: $3.15
TNXP quantity: 6050 price: $0.90 commission fee: $27.50
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