Interesting Stocks (Sunday Morning Research)


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Massive volume spike 15/11, bucked the trend last week, upside MA crossover imminent

MFI (MFI) 62p heavy volume, positive TA

DELTA (DLTA) £1.54, bucked the trend last week, rising from £1.21 to £1.54 and looks promising with MAs going north

CORPORATE SERVICES (CSV) 86p 20MA crossup 50MA on 23/11/00. This looks bullish and is probably my favourite of this bunch.

Thats it - comments?

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Good pick, Tx..

Also note that price dropped outside the bollinger bands and resulted in a bounce (as it usually does)in 1 month timeframe price/MA positions nicely indicating an ongoing upward trend..

Stochastics: K jumped over D
RSI: over 50 and heading up
MOney Flow Index: year high..over 90..still heading up
On Balance Volume: year high

Last bottom formed at year low of 110 (20.11.00) prompting a rebounce as the price`d gone below NAV...

Let's keep an eye on this one..