Inquery,about my plot I had for monthlies

Zabair shah

Hi everyone
I bought a plot from a company called UK land investment,paid deposit of about 6 thousands and to pay the rest over 5 years monthlies,than stopped paying monthlies after few years under hardship and than forgot about the plot.i had all the paper work and their solicitors details but now only got few papers left to prove it.
I don't know if this is same company who scammed people if they are what's my options or if it was some other company,would I be able to get my deposit back,land was near Bedford,welstead town
It is not looking good for you :( Every single one of these land banking companies were shut down by the Department for Trade which means you have no chance of recovering any deposit you made as they no longer exist. What was the exact company name and what was the address they operated from?

Also can you remember the name of any of the contacts you dealt with?
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