Impressive returns from CFDs


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Impressive performance but only shows 3 days of results?

If he can sustain that level of performance for years in trading then go for it, however to get those results he has over leveraged massively. That for me is not a good way to play Forex.

Don't look to get rich quick trading Forex and the likely hood is that you will get burnt!


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I thought the same thing, it looked like they were lucky to do the right thing at the right time, but honestly I'm not overly concerned with if the author is a good investor.

I was looking for a way to play forex and I've been playing the demo version for over a month and it's quite cool, lots of investment options, but not a lot of research, so I guess you need to do that yourself.

I'm interested in using a small amount of real money demo is good, and been able to turn a profit, so now I want to see how I go with the real deal.
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