IGINDEX Spread betting


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Having recently opened any account with IG there seems to be some abnormalities with their software.

Although quoting live prices when I place an order they offered me 10 points less than was shown on screen??? No large movements at the time so it's not down to market forces. Is there a system where I can get automatically filled?

Today I can't get a quotes for Oct or Dec FTSE?

I called them to discuss these issues but they didn't seem very helpful. I was wondering what other traders experiance were with IG and is there a better company to trade with?

I have had dealings with IG and they have not been as helpful as I expected. I cannot recommend anyone but I can state that IG failed to call me back on two occasions after promising that they definately would!
at some point s/b companies are going to be investigated to determine whether there is any sharp practice. although i do use one of the smaller companies i am very suspicious about sudden moves in prices so you should always set a limit price.

i only use this s/b company because i am trying to trade indices and since this is a new area for me i want to learn using relatively small amounts of money. once i have got my confidence and knowledge i will move to a proper futures broker.

hope this helps

ed crane
s/b coys make their money from client losses.
Draw your own conclusions..

BUT, some indices (S&P) can move 1-2 points in 10 secs and back again. If you look at a real ime futures feed with all the trades you will see what I mean.
If you were a sb company setting a price at that time would be rather difficult...
Are you sure this wasn't the spread on top of the price they quoted you?

If you are new you probably have a 'controlled risk' account on which they charge a 10 point spread on top of their screened live prices (for dow and 6 point for ftse).

The 10 point spread plus the bias can sometimes get you a quote as far away as 20+ points from the actual.