If You Don't Want Swine Flu, Stop Having Sex With Pigs


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Jeez, wtf is the real news that's being buried atm? Close to zero percent chance of getting it/dying from it, no different to getting the flu;- 2-3 day recovery with a bit of Benylin and R4 for company....carry on...unless anyone has got a good conspiracy theory?

There have been six cases of swine flu in Canada so far.

The chance of dying from swine flu if you get it is less than 1%.

So if you randomly shuffled Canada's 33 million people and gave six of them swine flu, the probability of you dying from it is about .0000000018 . *

In comparison, your probability of dying if you throw yourself out of an airplane once every year (i.e., skydive) is about .00001, or about 10 000 times higher than of dying from swine flue. If you drive an average amount, your probability of crashing and dying is about .00016, or about 100 000 times higher than dying from swine flu.

In other words, if you're worrying about swine flu right now, after driving to / from work today, you're 100 000 times more worried than you should be. We all accept a baseline of risk that we don't (and can't) worry about too much. It makes no sense whatsoever to start going ape**** over new things that fall below that level of risk just because the media is freaking out about it in order to catch your valuable attention.

And there's nothing wrong with the media's freakout; we need to be informed, especially in a situation where it could rise above that acceptable level of risk if we don't do anything about it. But unless it gets to that point, we shouldn't let our emotional thirst for drama and novelty outweigh the cold but comfortable logic of mathematics

Phronk.com: If You Don't Like Swine Flu, Stop Having Sex With Pigs

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hey the sex with pigs was my joke biatch!

sorry mate someone else nicked it, long time since I had sex with a pig, on a Royal Iris cruise up and down the river Mersey when I was 18, she was ever so grateful and rightfully so...:)


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I thought having sex with pigs gave you swine aids. Well, that's what my mate told me.


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What you forget is that pigs have a corkscrew shaped tiny **** (I know that) and thus presumably have a corkscrew shaped tight pussy (I'm just using common sense there) - seems good risk:reward to me. And the morning after, you can have her for breakfast.

Especially well suited for Skill Leverage.


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I thought having sex with pigs gave you swine aids. Well, that's what my mate told me.
The swine influenza virus is often abbreviated to SIV, so if you have sex with a pig you risk getting SIV instead of HIV, although HIV is a subset of the Simian immunodeficiency virus which is also abbreviated to SIV. Perhaps this is why your mate is confused.


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Ive just been on the phone to the NHS help line, to try and find out a bit more about this Swine flu,

but all im getting is crackling.
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