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Hi All,
I am trying to find the best paper trading software for futures.
The Strat to be tested is a non-HF one with simple Target and Stop loss limit orders . I have used both IB Paper and Ninja Sim. I understand that it is impossible to recreate real order book and fills. However I would like to see which one closely emulates the production .
I noticed that IB paper generates fill for limit/stop limit at ask for long and at bid for short. Not sure what the logic is for Ninja Sim.

Ques 1. Can someone advise which one better between Ninja and IB Paper ?
Ques 2. Is there a setting in Ninja which enable the fill logic like IB papaer ?
Thank you .

Liquid validity

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Hook NT up to a live broker feed, record some of the feed > tools > options > data.
Realtime data box > tick save chart data as historical and record for market replay.

Plot Bid ask and last on chart:
Show bid and ask price - NinjaTrader Support Forum
How to plot bid/ask together - NinjaTrader Support Forum

Then get the replay running, pause it and enter the orders you want to test.
As the replay is paused, you will see the SIM fill price.

Play around with Tools > options > simulator tab to emulate IB fill.
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