I'am confused!


I had a stop on Corus set at 16.5, yet when i logged on this morning i am -£3000 and it was sold at 14.5?
It was not a guaranteed stop was it? - for a few pence more!!!
Hi Amdrac,

I'm a bit confused too.. you say you put a stop at 16.5, but looking at the price for the last two days - that sounds to me like it would have hit it immediately. Remember the stop is hit when the bid price is at or below, and looking at the chart it never made it higher than that since you bought it yesterday evening. But at the same time, the bid doesn't show up as low as 14.5 either (sounds like it was maybe this right on the open at 8:00 - as the 8:20 time of sale is in fact 8:00 with the 20 min delay. I'll reinstate the trade and you can choose when to close it, as its now 15/15.5 - at least higher than when it was stopped out.