I will help newbies with Forex Education FOR FREE

Really. For free. Selling nothing. Nothing at all. Just for newbies without skills and experience.
Do you want your first steps in forex? leave contact on google form and wait))
Hi J_C_Anderson,
If you really want to help newbies for free, then you can do exactly that on T2W right here on this thread. There's really no need to require contact details and a bizarre request to sign up for your unique 'course'. It's unique in that it's the only 'course' I've ever ecountered that gives zero insight - as in literally nothing - about what it's aims are, what 'students' might expect to learn and what qualifies you to teach them. If you really aren't selling anything and doing this out of a genuine desire to help newbies and, doubtless, to give something back, may I recommend a more open and transparent approach.