I think FCA is strict enough with the brokers.

Aug 27, 2013
On the contrary I think the FCA is very strict with brokers. The FCA was brought in to replace the FSA and one of the reasons for that being the scandals that came about in recent years. As a result of this the FCA has further reaching powers than the FSA did.

Following financial scandals over recent years the Financial Services have come more in to the spotlight. One of their responsibilities is to improve financial conduct in the retail and wholesale markets. Bering under the watchful eye of the Treasury Select Committee I think the FCA would want to be seen as doing its job well and brokers will have to be strictly regulated.

What is your opinion?


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Aug 28, 2013
Manipulating the market is a form of Market Abuse. This is a criminal act which carries severe legal consequences and a subject that is very much to the forefront of crime prevention activities in the financial industry. A person found guilty of Market abuse can expect to suffer a prison sentence.

All financial operations (in the UK at least) have a compliance officer and any one worth his salt will pick up incidents of this nature and take the appropriate action, independently of the firm if needs be, to bring this to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Manipulation of the market is not a good idea!!