I need a MT4 programmer :)


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Believe it or not I actually have a working strat for 1 minute expiary trades !

I already have a decent ITM rate but I wanna maximize my productivity by finding someone that can program an audio-visual signal that, A) appears as a pop up inside of MT4 on top of everything else, and B) also spots the setups based on the data streaming into mt4. The plug-in needs to be able to scan all the opened currency pairs i have opened inside of mt4, and it needs to portable in a way or another (I have to be able to easly install it into mt4 and i need to be able to install it on any pc with mt4 on it).

The signal has to appear as soon as a specific setup occurs, and it schould look something like for example; USD-JPY CALL. My strat is based on a specific type of Heiken-Ashi candle, the Stochastic Oscilaltor plus Moving averages, and up until now a shit load of cocain as scanning the markets can be quite stressful and you need to be able to decide in a matter of split seconds if you didn't miss something that would otherwise burn the setup.


If you wanna be paid we can work that out of course
you need to agree not to share my method with anyone. You can use and test it though !

you can add me on icq and jabber but pm me first

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could you go a little deeper ? I dont really have time to learn a programming language rn :/
No need to learn the language. Just state what you want on the MQL website and some of the programmers may respond saying they can do it.
You will have to state how much you are willing to pay. Couple of hundred dollars might be about the lowest.