i am new help


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i am new,i need a scalper or a good strategy.want to gain 10pips only per day please reply

Sorry but to your dissapointment there are no trading strategies that guaranteed profit everyday. Trading results (your losses and profits) resembles the price fluctuations - today you are up tomorrow -down.

Start with demo account read t2w guides, babypips and FPA school, ask questions that rise in the process of your studies. And remember that free cheese is only in mousetrap.:smart:
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Tips for Forex Trading Beginners
  • Know the Markets. We cannot overstate the importance of educating yourself on the forex market.
  • Make a Plan and Stick to It.
  • Practice.
  • Forecast the “Weather Conditions” of the Market.
  • Know Your Limits.
  • Know Where to Stop Along the Way.
  • Check Your Emotions at the Door.
  • Keep It Slow and Steady.


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Sorry but you sound like the classic newcomer to forex who thinks they will just quickly and easily start printing money. It is a profession and a job. How do you know you can even mentally hack scalping or have the time to do so? Are you prepared to back test a strategy for yourself or would you just take it at face value and throw money into a live account and risk blowing the lot? Forget about making money for now and learn HOW to trade and how YOU want to trade to be sustainable in terms of your learning and longevity in this field. Money will come if you can trade well. To trade well requires education, practice and patience.


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Hi man .
Really the best advice I can give you is go to Babypips and start from the school there learn as much as you can .
Start on a demo account this is a risk free way of trading and reasses your postion in 6 months time before setting such specific goals
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