I am 14 years old and need the simple step by step guide on how to start trading.


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Firstly can i trade because i am only 14? If not why? I really need help because i want to start at an early age to become better as time goes by. i need help choosing a broker and websites to see charts everything basicly. Help!

How do you set up a computer with more than one moniter? :rolleyes:


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I reckon you're out of luck with the age thing. DA brokers require you to be 21, and most SB companies are 18 I believe.

Still, put the 4 years to good use and study, trade on paper, and when you're 18 you can kick off big style.

On the main page, look under "First Steps", and click on the T2W Guide to First Steps (run by yours truly). That ought to get you started :D


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First, you need to break into that nice piggy bank Mummy and Daddy bought for you and take the contents along to the bank
(Don't use the same one as Daddy)
Get the nice bank manager to open an interest bearing account for you and deposit all those lovely 5p pieces.

Then you should catch a No 8 bus and ....................

go back to school and learn how to spell.


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Nice music.. What part of Cheshire you from?

Welcome to the world of fear and greed..



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If you are deadly serious.. Building your capital now in your younger years is a good idea (I think). Get a job after school and on the weekends. If you work hard enough you should have an ok pot of capital. :)

£80 a week tax free, thats what, £4k a year.. £16k after 4 years + interest + whatever increases in the allowance (if any).. should get you started for when the time comes.

If you can hack working for 4 years and not spending your money, you've probably got the discipline to trade. :cheesy:


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Just had a PM from Gibbles who tells me he is now 15. !

and it's not even midnight yet



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Maybe he's on some sort of star trek time? like 1 year for every day? if so, he could come back on Sunday!
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