how to sell short

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Oct 28, 2015
hi , i am new to trading, quick question- if i short 100 shares of stock for example at $9.65 per share then price of stock drops to $9.50 per share and i want to get rid of 100 short shares- which button i should press on montage of trading software. should i press sell button , cover or buy button to end trade. thanks

Dr. Toad

Active member
Jul 21, 2015
buy to cover (so in your case it is cover) will get rid of them. I don't think you can be long and short at the same time, so I imagine simply buying them will just result in an error and the transaction won't go through. Shorting them will increase the number of shares you are short.


Active member
Mar 29, 2003
I think qsam you are getting yourself in a twist If ( as in this case) you have shorted stock at $9.65 and they drop to $9.50 you want to press "BUY" to close your short and then take that $15 less costs and buy yourself a coffee