How to Find the Most Expensive NFT



Whats an nft​

NFT brings a new advantage to people in respect of collect and sharing the artwork. NFT is based on blockchain technology. In order to find the most expensive value behind the NFT, you need to understand the two important factors. The first one is the piece of data connected with the blockchain and the other is the artwork. Every NFT requires resources such as manpower, electricity, and computing power. The basic value of every NFT comes with the computation power of the blockchain. The artwork gives the details of the consumption of the NFT artwork.

How to find the most expensive NFT art​

Every piece of NFT is never separable from the basic value + ownership value + utility value + investment value + emotional value, and uniqueness value. The blockchain only provides the platform to transect the NFT object with other people. But the real value always derives from many factors. People require NFT for art, games, and for cognition of digital art.
Not necessary you can consider the worth of NFT by its basic value or utility value. Sometimes emotions are preferred. Humans always valued emotions. They pay a high price for their own emotions. Maybe people agree to pay the exorbitant price for intangible web images. Which is a foolish act of the person. However, it would be meaningless for many people but accurately mapped for who does what in real life. It makes sense for NFT investors.

NFT explained​

It is also definitely true that the collection you have purchased has a high probability of a bubble economy. Initially, it looks attractive, but a number of posts on social media express the NFT collection has something. It is also possible that after the celebrity’s or capitalists’ interest in the NFT collection. The prices of the collection increased so much. But over time the prices drop. So, how do you distinguish between profitable NFT and no value NFT? But I think that you can understand the future of NFT by Buffett’s lunch example. At his lunch or dinner table, the most important thing is the face, fame, and influence. After his dinner is over there is no value remaining at the dinner table. The NFT also has the same story. After the people’s interest in the NFT value drops to zero. Every NFT that exists in this world contains these attributes.

Most expensive NFT​

Any video, image or photo, or something else. If show belongingness with some important identities. Or have some relevance with world-renowned artists and unique. The people will start to show some interest in it. Before the emotional value, people verify the utility value of an item. The price of dinner with a buffet must have the highest value. But the picture with the buffet on his dinner table has more worth. The value of the meal is paid after the dinner is over. But the value of the image on the dinner table never over time. Until the buffet will become the most hated person in the world.
In order to gain the maximum profit. You need to understand with a simple example like buying a Mercedes-Benz Benz to join the distinguished Mercedes owners club. If you hold the NFT for time being the NFT become valuable as other Mercedes holders until you will sell out to other and gain a profit. In some NFT projects, the project party announces the benefits to holders. If you hold the item for a certain time the expectations of high profit definitely increase.
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