How much cash money are in the world?


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Hello, have you ever think about this? How much cash...? What if take all paper money and convert them to USD... how much will we have?

Ambrose Ackroyd

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I'd be tempted too but I doubt she would.

I now see that "he who must not be named " has in fact become "he who has been named " but I aint taking any chances.

I don't fancy sharing a jail cell with 100,000 Twatterers.


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I don't understand the question.

If we take the infinite supply of each of the worlds worthless currencies and convert it into another worthless currency, how much will there be?:LOL:

Or are you just asking how many pieces of paper have been printed and are in circulation?


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I don't fancy sharing a jail cell with 100,000 Twatterers.
Safety in weight of numbers. It would be impossible to bring an action against a large number of individuals. Of course, any one clearly identifiable instigator could, in principle, face legal action.

As for clearly identifiable though, twitter accounts do not require personal identification checks to create a username. So what could Twitter supply in the way of information even if it were disposed to so do? And as for IP addresses, I’d like to see them bring the McDonald’s in Charing Cross road into court…

Plus Twitter being a US based company, not only does UK law find itself hugely unenforceable, but is contra extant US law which takes primacy on the subject (Communications Decency Act) which does not hold owners of on-line communications sites (such as t2w could be if it re-domiciled itself to the US) responsible for the comments publicly made by its members.

Sharky, just had a thought. Move the t2w enterprise to Delaware and then we can all tell the truth about the folks that keep threatening you with legal action every time someone tells of their bad experiences with them. I can also then tell my own true story of how I was shagged by Imogen Thomas while giggsy sat in the corner crying ‘cos he couldn’t get it up. Honest.


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not as much as you might think, i don't think there's any verifiable measure of how much physical cash (notes, coins, rocks, shells) exists but i know for sure that it's a small percentage of how much cash there is measured in terms of financial instruments (such as cash in the bank)

and according to the beatles there's still not enough to buy you love (lies, of course money can buy love...)


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Why do you care?
I want to have all money in the world!!!

Guys... guys... don't be so angry. We don't play Angry Birds here.:idea:

I just asked interesting question for me... don't want - don't discuss we live in free world. :clover: