How many PRE-market OTC orders get filled in your experience?


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Hi guys, I have a question: How many PRE-marketorders would you say get filled in your experience?

Reason I`m asking is because last week was a complete disaster for me. Out of 25-30 OTC limit orders I placed PRE-market opening, only 2 (VLDI and OTOW) got filled the entire week (even though I also ordered EVLI, LVGI, TENP, FBCD, BNXR, RBIZ, AXXE, IBRC, CYDI, PGSY, WNBD, VTIFF, CHICF, NVLX, OGNG, PZOO etc.)...

Now... at first I thought that was because its difficult getting PRE-market fills anyway, but then... I asked some friends in a chatroom and they said they got 2-3 fills out of 5... EVERY single day, meaning 10-15 fills a week, using limit orders (+3-15% of the ASK price) on the automatic SMART router getting fills (mostly on NITE and ARCA Marketmaker) EXACTLY the same settings, the same broker (SureTrader) as myself.

I dont understand and its driving me insane. What am I doing wrong???

I would appreciate any useful answer so

1. How many PRE-market orders get filled in your experience?

2. What am I doing wrong or what can I do to improve me fills?

Thanks very much
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