How does it feel......

Sometimes I come home from work, switch on the computer, and swear loudly at how X has dropped 10% - sound familiar.

Perversely, I got the other sensation today, when you see a share you sold cheaply rise by 10% - and is now a lot higher than when you sold it. How do I feel?

On one side, I feel frustrated - the b#####ds - wait till I leave, then put it up.....blame everyone (but myself for entering a bad trade in the first place!) On the other hand, there is no clear break in the downtrend. Earnings aren't going to miraculously improve. This may simply be a sucker rally - I don't know. What I do know is that if you are an end of day trader like myself, things can swing widely either way. Therefore, I am resisting the dive back in, and trying to perfect my trend following trading rules.

Funnily enough, OT gives you these supercilious "tips of the day" each time it starts - something I keep meaning to turn off. However, todays was about devising a strategy and sticking to it.

Be careful until the trend is broken