How do you win on Ladbrokes financials?


I'm quite new to financial markets and trying to get my head around everything. I've tried betting on Ladbrokes financials with mixed results. However, there's lots of posts on this site by people who seem to think winning on Ladbrokes is easy. How do you do it?
Do you use research to predict outcomes? I can see that this could work if you're betting on 'daily', but in the 5 minute or 1 hour bets aren't the markets too volatile to know whether it'll end up or down? Are you using arbitrage?
Sorry for my ignorance.
its ok to win for a short period then because they are bookies you may get barred or slow counted.Spread betting firms are more genuine. The five min bets are a lottery.
The strategy on Binarybets strategies seems to be the best I've found: waiting for an early swing in one direction and then betting the other way when return for your bet is high. The author also seems skeptical about the 5 minute bets - Ladbrokes probably make most of their money off these.