Holiday madness? Speed cameras


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Hi All and Merry Christmas................I recently met a reliable source who relayed the following true story, regarding speed cameras, a new generation of deadlier one's have arrived just in time for xmas, there called spec's, speed vioation deterrant detection, sounds american? so how does it work, well infra red camera's read your number plate as you pass by and are then read again at a predertermined distance no flash photograghy involed, this system is far to hi-tech for that, a centrally located computer process's the info works out you speed , if your over the top it automaticly dispences the ticket, 24/7, 365 days a year, never runs out of film, (as its all digital), no humans involved,
Apollogies if this is old new's but it makes my blood boil,
another great government cash generator , you can't drive anywhere around London with out breaking the Lawas it is ! IMHO , its open season on all uk motorist's, complete lefty lunicy, but of course its not an indirect taxation !!! so take care out there, I believe there operating on the M4,wiltshire, Nottingham, Gloucestershire,northamptonshire, kent and a few other sites up north..............I hope this helps................regards all and best wishes for christmas and the new year
Not really a problem unless you break the law by speeding of course. I remember one guy telling me that there are sites on the net that list where every camera in the whole of the UK are situated.

We`ve had these type of camera`s for a while in the midlands, they REALLY make people slow down.
My problem with camera`s in general is too many are not in accident black spots and too many are still hidden behind signs. If the government really want people to slow down they would be as obvious as possible, a hidden camera doesn`t reduce accident`s because you don`t know it`s there!
I know that we shouldn`t speed but, the police`s own figures are that speed is only a factor in 35% of RTA`s and the number of casualties has not reduced hardly at all since camera`s came in.
The number of traffic police on the roads is down by over 10% since the camera`s started appearing so the only offence`s being caught are speeding drivers.
The main cause of accident`s is crap driving trouble is everyone thinks they are great! In a recent survey 80% of people said using mobiles whilst driving was dangerous and should be banned. The same 80% also thought that "they" were ok to drive whilst on the phone because they were different, they were good drivers!!

This soapbox was brought to you by an ex-copper and Carling lager :D
If you want people to slow down when driving don't cocoon the driver with airbags, ABS etc. Put a great big spike in the middle of the steering wheel. I am convinced that most people will drive significantly slower and those that don't will not be around for long.

Seriously, with the traffic monitoring technology we now have there are no need for fixed speed limits other than in urban areas. On motorways we could vary the limit to suit the traffic volume and conditions. This way we could have a top speed of 110 mph and then reduce as necessary.

All revenue from speeding tickets should be given to the emergency services which are required for RTA's (ambulance, fire service etc.). This way those more likely to have need of these services have contributed more to there operation.
Hi All

This is a really raw subject with me. I loath speed camera's as they only catch the unaware driver, who just maybe takes his / her eye off the road for a minute. They don't catch:
  • The drunk driver
  • The one on drugs
  • The ones who are too tired to be driving
  • The ones "doing their hair"
  • The un-insured driver
  • The untaxed vehicle
The list goes on. I reckon there must be a number of accidents that are a direct link to speed cameras. Say your following the car in front and all of a sudden they brake hard to avoid getting caught by the camera, you go into the back of them - Bang, an accident caused by a speed camera. It must have happened somewhere

Out of interest, for those in the West midlands, this looks like a good site

Stevem12 - According to TopGear on BBC2, apparently (according to government statistics) only 3% of accidents are caused by excessive speed, which doesn't quite seem right :confused:

chyna - Out of interest, where can you speed in London - I never go faster enough to break the law :LOL:
Back to the original point, I knew that these camera's were around but I didn't realise they had rolled them out. Just to wind them up I would speed in the zone and just before reaching the camera - slow down to 5 mph. The average speed won't have been illegally high and you still get to have a bit of fun :cheesy:

Here's an off the wall thought. I wonder how much money is lost by drivers not speeding. Imagine if there were no speed limits.

Deaths would increase - More work for funeral directors and an end to the pension problems to come
Sales Reps would get to meetings quicker - More work out of them
and More new cars on the road - Increase in car sales

Just my thoughts
Hi all, a friend of mine just purchased the sonyp900 mobile phone, he also purchased the bluetooth sate/nav kit, and for £50 a year it alerts you to all speed cameras well in advance and its constantly updated, im not encouraging people to speed but its a great package.
Regards mark

Here's an off the wall thought. I wonder how much money is lost by drivers not speeding. Imagine if there were no speed limits.

You are joking arent you ? If there were no speed limits then the roads would be constantly blocked by smashed up cars or dead pedestrians.

Much of my time in management was spent driving all over the country and a lot of accidents that delayed me were caused by peoples inability to slow down quickly enough. Unlimited speed would just result in greater congestion at the next nearest bottleneck and this is why you often see signs limiting speed to say 50 mph on the M25 so as to keep traffic moving and ease bottleneck situations.

In Lincolnshire we have a very high death rate on the roads and friends of mine who are in the Police invariably agree that it is speed that has been the overwhelming factor in the cause of deaths in around 80% of cases. The 3% you quoted is wrong in my view.

Personally I wouldnt have a problem with increasing speed limits on motorways but in built up areas I would actually reduce it even futher.

The 70 mph limit was set back in the 1960's when few cars could cruise above 60mph, they all had cross-ply tyres and drum brakes and lousy suspension. Now most cars are capable of cruising at 90mph with ease and in safety. No one sticks to the 70mph limit on M-ways. If they do, there is bunching which is highly dangerous in itself. There are times when 90mph is perfectly safe, and others when 50mph is lethal. The main problem is not speed, but the misuse of speed. Make the limit 90 mph which would help stop bunching, but enforce it so you know where you stand, and jump on those who misuse speed. There is nothing clever about driving at 50 mph past a school at 08:50!

Make driving tests more rigourous, and retest every 10 years. At the moment there is nothing to stop someone who passed their test 40 years ago, and who hasn't driven since, getting behind the wheel of a car on the M25 in the rushhour.
There is a dual carriageway in Farnborugh that has a 300 yd stretch that is subject to 30 mph. Always a camera van there.... Loadsa Money!
We should do what they do in Germany on Motorways- advisory speed limits. but wo betide anyone that has a smash that is attributed to driving too fast- you get the book thrown at you.Also allow overtaking on the inside. That would free up two lanes on the Motorway.






A few years ago I was a passenger in a Merc going to Munich airport and the (English) driver felt the need to see how fast he could go in the hire car. He cruised at 130mph on the autobahn and I've never been so frightened in my life. Yes, we made the flight, but I've never forgotten the fear of being imprisoned in a situation which was out of my control.

Having driven the length of Germany a few times on the autobahns, they 'felt' safer than the UK motorways.
RogerM said:
Make driving tests more rigourous, and retest every 10 years.

And introduce compulsory health/fitness to drive tests on an annual basis for those over the age of sixty-five.
Got done in Wales recently, 36mph in 30mph zone cam out of sight, only went to the place for a short 4day holiday, thats the last time ....interestingly many people after laughing have made comment that everyone "knows" that Wales is full of cams and take no have been warned.
There was an Inspector Plod type from Wales on TV recently, talking about the virtues of speeding cameras...... He gave the impression that if you were 1 mph over the limit in Wales, the offender should be banged up for 6 months....Draconian or what!

CKB Yuo been round the 'Ring'? I was going to take my MK IV Supra T/T ( 450 Bhp) but had to sell it before I got the chance. :(
Skim was gonna be the Navigator.... :cheesy:
I read in one Sunday newspaper today that a policeman somewhere or other is now advocating that when motorists are stopped - for whatever reason - they should be fingerprinted electronically with the results being instantly flashed to the national database. If an identical set of prints is already on file he is advocating that the motorist ( whose only offence may be a lack of windscreen washing fluid ) be taken in for interrogation.

This is why I really love the British police - not !!!
Did anyone see the bbc's top gear a while ago, the programme regarding the welsh rally, for the benefit of people who didn't see it ,on the sections that used" A" roads, the police set up mobile speed traps I think there were about 8 drivers who were caught speeding on the highway , one poor guy was caught 6 times!!
" but officer I'm in the world rally" "you come here with your fancy cars etc...." you can imagine the scean and the poor guy had to go to court, what a farce, what other area of law enforcement is so rigorously controlled and pursued ? how many people will be travelling home over christmas on an empty motorway at 2,3,4am , cruising safely at 75/80, only to get a ticket in the post a week later, perused like a mass murderer if he complains or god forbid can't pay,..........
Rant over............Regards all