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Kind of new to trading, been dabbling for a few years now but never really had a plan or anything and lost a bit of money, so stopped for a while.

I'm planning on opening an investment isa, I want to invest in something more high risk, I've got a £1000 I can use. I don't want to loose it all but if I do it's no drama.

I would like to invest in new battery technology, I have a found a company that are developing a battery to use for solar panels, as for home use I think solar pvs are pretty useless.

Just wandering whether anyone on here has invested in this type of technology, I know I want get growth straight away but after a few years I hope it will.

Also people with experience and success in a high risk trade that has payed off to give advice please.

Maybe I should of said high return stocks.

I don't know if it's a high risk stock, I don't even know if I can invest in it, found nothing on their website, just private investment news etc, doubt they'd want my measiliy £1k! If it doesn't kick off would be my main concern. Something better comes along etc. But I do think stored energy is the future, but out of reach for the domestic market due to high prices still. Just curious if anyone has invested in a company like this. Currently 3 companies to the licensing but only one that has actually commercialised it.


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Well, I guess if you fail to find a company already launched and blooming, you could try finding one raising money via equity crowdfunding. A neat way to invest in inceptive stock not presented on major markets.
Thank you I'll take a look to see if they are crowd funding, before I start trading properly I'd like to get the maximum allowance in an investment isa.
"Finally, watch out next week for a company called Angus Energy, which could soon become a big noise in the oil sector. It lists on Monday, with £3million in the bank and some ambitious plans.
It has an asset called the Brockham Oil Field that is interesting in that it is quite close to the Horse Hill, Sussex, site of the Gatwick Gusher.
The funds it has raised through the AIM IPO will allow it to drill what they call in the trade a side track well into the same shale that got Horse Hill flowing.
Remember, the Gusher came in at 1,400 barrels, which was, frankly incredible for an onshore well.
Even if it doesn’t hit the motherlode, Angus has plans to increase the current production base quite rapidly by other means. The development would turn it into a cash machine even at current depressed price for a barrel of crude."

Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/...ys-price-accounting-errors.html#ixzz4PnMDr6U8

This is a company I've recently put into and it has a lot of interest especially with the fact that within a few days theyve grown from £16mill market cap to over £22mill. This is looking to seriously grow from what ive read on other forums and the news regarding the company.
Huge share tip

Guys massive share tip for you guys, come in from one of my sources who is a trader, we need to get onto this..ASAP..

Angus Energy (ANGS) is a UK based mining company who have just began drilling in Brockham, the share price is primed to start sky rocketing.

GET IN or you'll miss out on potentially 1000s in % increases