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Hi all...been unable to access the new BB since the day it started...problem solved now, back to business...in the meantime made the best of the current rally as I was well prepared and took the positive signs I wrote about in my previous threads seriously...hope you've all made good profits out of the current bullish market...best of luck


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Glad you're back riz...was it a cookie problem?
It was a good week y2 and you're right about riz, perhaps we should call him the David Gower of the chat room.

carefull Steve, the London posse may take that as Shower....LOL

Well done to you yesterday by the way, some lovely trades.

Cheers Mark i think we all did ok.
Annoyed that i missed ATN, the puter crashed at the critical mo and when i got back i'd missed the chance, and to rub salt in the wound Riz was in at 107.It happened a second time when i was thinking of getting sco back. Both times it occurred whilst switching between my broker and ADVFN...i need more than one monitor i think.

We could have done with several screens last week. Chat to Chartman if your interested in running 2 screens, I know he can help you. Positive reports about Atlantic in todays Times, stating that Marconi may increase holding.
Great to see your back with us!

So it worked! Did you reinstall IE or Windows 98. Well, however you fixed it well done.

And a big welcome back.

For those that didn't know Rizgar couldn't access the threads on the forums of the BB. For some peculiar reason they simply didn't appear even though everything else on the page was visible. We tried a number of things, to no avail. But it now seems it must have been Windows after all. Very Strange.

OK Mark, thinking about a better puter anyway.
Cya later or tomorrow, fry up ready and then off to see the Villa get stuffed.
Not your team i hope.
Good man

As im from the blue half of Brum, nothing would give greater pleasure than seeing the Villa get stuffed. Enjoy. Catch up with you Monday no doubt.

Pigsy, where do I get how do I add a signiture picture to my posts?
It's easy Y2K. Just follow this link http://www.trade2win.co.uk/bb/member.php?action=editprofile which is the same as clicking the profile icon on the top right of the BB that looks like the Windows Explorer Icon. It will prompt you to enter your username and password. Then you'll see your profile. In here you can edit your details, and turn and off various options like being sent an email whenever someone replies to your threads. Also here is a place to enter your signature which will appear at the bottom of your post if you have the show signature option ticked when you are about submit a post. To include the picture first find a picture or animation you like on the net then type the following into your signature along with any other text you want displayed (img) http://users.ox.ac.uk/~hert0493/images/pigsy_tiny.jpg (/img) - that's my image btw, your's will hopefully be different :). But replace the () curly brackets with [] square brackets. I've done it this way otherwise you wouldn't see the code but my image!

And if your interested in reading up about VB Code (as they call it) then click here: http://www.trade2win.co.uk/bb/index.php?action=bbcode

Hope this helps.

Thanks Mark, Steve and Pigsy for the warm welcome back...Mark I think we should rephrase it as We the Men! :)
We've formed a great trading team and that seems to be the key to success...

Pigsy nothing worked on this problem, still don't know the reason why..the only thing that comes to my mind is that I probably logged in before you completed the site and that caused the problem..anyway you must be wondering how managed after all...had to reformat the hard disk I am afraid and reinstall everything..took me hours but worked in the end...thanks for your continuous support..

After having some problems myself on posting replies to this BB i finaly can post aswell .Great site guys and the chat room is second to none.Keep up the good work and lets make some serious DOSH!.Good to see you can now post rizzzzy and let us into your secret on picking all those winners (your da man!).