Hi guys im new to this forum and i decided to join this forum due to 5 of us developing an EA and a start up company BableFx were looking for investors going forward let me explain a little about us and apologies in advance if this is not allowed or in the wrong section but what better section to introduce the reason im here.....

Were called BableFx and our website is www.bablefx.com we have developed our EA in house due to us having our own software developer it has taken us much trial and error over the past 18 months give or take we have a team of 5 altogether although were not new to forex were new to going live.

We have tested our EA on demo for 5 weeks now and had consitant wins day by day whilst keeping drawdown to a minimal here is a link of the demo account on myfxbook to back up those claims.... http://www.myfxbook.com/members/jmenotts/bable-one-set/4687569/vkFIiZV6BmcNU5DPTewi

We have since revised our EA to be more accurate as to when it places trade entries were at version 1.55 now which is an absolute piece of magic and to be fair its a final product, We went live sunday night 15th March 2020 on a £1000 account myfxbook link ..... http://www.myfxbook.com/members/bablefx/bablefx/5030884/S0fIcbL0E1wg91rac1YR, We intend to offer our services as investment managers allowing our EA to trade on clients behalf.

BableFx does not accept deposits we work on sending signals to and from your own trading account broker of your choice of course you dont pay anything until you have made a profit with us which you can see from the results is on a daily basis, you are then invoiced for 30% of profits on a weekly basis.

Considering were pretty new to the live market but not actual forex we of course expect people to be sceptical this is why ive provied the links so people can monitor going forward our minimum investment is £500 (which is always kept in your own account we cannot withdraw any monies theres too many forex scams out there now so we thought this is best way going forward) as to get people on board i think this is the correct minimum amount as to entice people to try us out.

If you require anymore info or want to chat to the admin team you could always visit our site and send us an email or join our telegram group (t.me/bablefx) we have a few investors already which would be more than happy to chat with anyone who wants to know more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and my apologies again if its in the wrong section or not allowed.