hi, i am new here and where i start trading


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I'm monro (re-)enrollment, having recently been a (for the most part dormant) individual from T2W's antecedent (such a long time ago, I can't much recall what it used to be called)

Been exchanging/contributing with fluctuating degrees of progress throughout the most recent 2 years. As yet committing some moronic errors that were extremely evident looking back, and ought to have been clear at the time.

Ending up more TA situated as I've found out additional.

Sharescope client (isn't everybody?)

Essentially, have come here to facilitate my TA training, and to search for different perpectives.



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It's really hard to understand what you're looking for. But I'll try to help you. If you want to become the really good trader, than you should learn some things, that are necessary, First of all, it's understanding how market works. Read some literature and blogs like Reuters, Bloomberg and Investopedia. You can also find a coach to learn about trading from the first hands. Secondly, you should develop self-control, no emotions or panic, even if everything is bad, you must do everything as correctly as possible. Panic and feelings is the main points you should get rid of to be a real professional. If no, than you will constantly make bad decisions. And the last is to find reliable broker with a good spread and withdrawal policy. Also, after all of these, never forget about learning and analysis. As you see, being a good trader (as well as other professional), takes a lot of efforts.


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I would recommend doing some free online course to start with and learning as much as you can. I started with the free online course over at babypips and also used the forex.academy website heaps to watch various tutorials.
The road is long and the learning never stops. Consistency is the key.
Good luck!

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