Help me choose a broker

Aug 24, 2013
What exactly are you looking for? I these are not the best brokers in the market. I think you should search further. However, before you register an account, I would suggest you find other traders that are using this very brokers. However, I am sure that these are not the best out there, when it comes to low spreads, and speedy execution. Also, do not let regulation be your criteria because the other brokers do offer better trading these days, unless you do not want to trade with a smiling face.
I see - then there's the argument that Binary is not the best way to go - this is all very confusing now - -'
Oct 15, 2013
24 options have the worst support services ever. I've been trading binary options for ages trust me 24 is the most popular but they are not really that good. try


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Apr 12, 2013
Anyoption or 24option?

I want to get started with these guys but i want to know which one is best for a beginner
Go for low commission broker. Avoid High Leverage with any broker.

Because to break even as a new guy need to reduce cost of business since a new guy has to trade more to get his required training time in various time frames and volatility and changing market conditions and this will take a while so during that time limiting your cost is the best option that you develop a continuity in your execution by taking more trades and having cheap commissions will help a lot.