Hello Everybody


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Nice to meet you all. I must say it has been a warm welcome. Sai-work said hello to me the minute I logged on. I was feeling a bit dazed and confused so the welcome was appreciated.

Sai also appeared to know me from TMF, not sure if that is good or bad!!

:) Hopefully at least OK.

I'm relatively inexperienced but very keen and learning fast. Have read lots of books. Traded indices a bit, and Uk equities. Not making money yet, but not losing it either!

Basically I think now I need to gain access to people who have been trading for longet than I have, and they are realtively rare on TMF. I am very much into short term trading, day preferably but certainly not longer than a week.

I'm just finshing a PhD and when that is finished I plan to start to use AIQ to develop some trading strategies.

Hope that Ok as an intro.


Well welcome aboard, join us at the chat rooms daytrading during market hours and post your views here, it's all about sharing :)

A Very Warm Welcome...

Hi Helenqu, glad you found us! Our chatrooms are our greatest asset, so drop by when you can - #trade2win for uk, and #trade2win-sb for us trading. In the meantime there's lots of good info on the bulletin boards and links to articles in the learning section. Enjoy!

Hi Helen,


Thanks for mentioning my name hehe, as Sharky said about the chatrooms. I have learnt a lot from other traders here, most if not all are day traders, I'm sure you'll learn a lot by hanging around and asking questions.