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Hello all. Brand new to trading. Have a 20 career in something I dislike and am now realizing life is too short to do something I hate. I have always wanted to trade but have no skill or knowledge. This is my first dip in the cold, cold water of trading.
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Hi! Don’t blame you for the decision to switch to trading, there’s so many benefits vs a real job. My best advice is to keep your job while learning and even after opening a trading account, until you’re profitable and can confirm that you’ll make enough trading to support yourself financially. Good luck!


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thank you all for the well wishes. Any suggestions on a starting point? Online classes? Where to start when you don't know where to start. I know its a loaded question, just looking for any guidance.


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Hi and welcome :)


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I think a lot of us are looking to get out of something hence the trading. I currently work a normal job let’s say and trade on the side, once trading can bring me a wage consistently then I will move away from my job


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Books are the best place to learn forex trading. They introduce you to the market and help you clear forex basics. Once done with your forex basics, you can create a micro account to get a better understanding of the live market conditions.


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That is why forex trading is a wonderful thing. It gives you a meaning of how and what forex trading is all about, the moment you open a chapter into this world of forex trading.
I must say that it is not easy as it sounds. It takes lot of patience and determination to be able to make a consistency in profit.


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Welcome to the group!
Lots of content here and on YouTube too.
It will take time and patience but is worth it


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Welcome, it is a big step but if you're willing to put in the work it's very rewarding. Great to be your own boss and set your own working hours. What's even better is you can trade from anywhere in the world so it lets you feed that travelling bug.
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