heads up nfa is about to pass new laws that will affect the way you trade


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hey guys

I started a tread but nobody seems intrested in because nobody responded maybe don't wanna take the time to read the long e-mail I quoted word for word ,but I got an e-mail from martin alexander where in it he explains a bunch of new rules concerning the nfa and all the brokers regulated by the nfa.

Are your broker registred with the nfa?If so and you have no idea what i'm talking about know this these new rules that will soon be the norm for all nfa brokers could seriosly affect the way you trade.

This is only a heads up you really should look into this if your broker is registred with the nfa.You can find the really long e-mail i got from martin in a post I made earlier.

who's martin?An expert in his own right and creator of systems both ea's and other.

Rhody Trader

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Nobody"s interested because it's old news and all the NFA is doing - despite the hype your boy is pumping out - is aligning retail forex with every other regulated market. No more. No less.


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o okay did'nt know it is old news been demo-trading and only recently decided to go life so have kept busy with tecnical stuff thought I give a heads up to anybody who's out the loop but it looks like there is no need so we can drop this subject
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