GW Pharmaceuticals (GWP)


Is it just me interested in these?

Floated very recently and the price dropped like a stone ! Now seems to have "bottomed out" and showing signs of rising.

Drug research is their speciality - in particular, the development of medicines from cannabis. They're the only UK company licenced to grow cannabis (at "secret" locations in the south of England !).

Worth a punt? Or should that be "worth a spliff"??

Take a look. See what you think.
Hi Erithacus.

From a purely chart point of view IPO's aren't very interesting as there isn't enough data to form a pattern.

It sounds like an interesting company. Let's hope that the price doesn't get too "high".

Held briefly but bailed out when they dropped through my stop loss. Will probably get back in at some stage, I didn't like the way the press moved the price. Will probably do well over 2-3 years.

Directors are currently buying :)




Experienced member

I bet it started continuous higher highs :)


As there is no history I agree with darth that it's hard to comment on TA basis...still the price stopped falling and forming a flast base which might be a sign of consolidation and being oversold, RSI started ticking up at the oversold area, but as I said not enough history to argue strongly about it...thin volume for a while, still I think it's interesting enough to keep an eye on them and if the price keep ticking up with increased volume worth a try...

Good Luck

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