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the curious case of benjamin's button..

ok..we have all had buttons fall off our clothes..
which explained by sir isaac newton..hit the deck..
and normally end up in the dog before you can shout..
"rover !!..leave that button alone "..damn..
the conclusion is..that the button stops..

well..take last friday..
after deliberating on the fortunes of the new president of america..
mr obama..(and the forthcoming billions..he is surely likely to gain..
from a led..senate/house of the damned or whatever they call it)..

i decided to long for the green back against our british pound..
and also the usd against the "skippy" dollar..
anyway i created a stop loss greater than a aussie fire break in queensland..
win or lose 500quid..
so..i took rover for a walk in the local park..
ok after the snow..the park looked like more like siberia..
(without the gazprom..gas terminals..and the ivans ready to turn the screw at a mere whiff of kiev indignation..)
so after walkies..and dodging the ravenous polar bears..
i returned to my laptop to find..
(no not freddy kruger..clipping his fingernails..)
(not even carol thatcher pasted on the front of a robertson's jam jar)..
big red numbers..
like £1780 @ £2350 respectively..grrrrrrr

had barrack obama done a micheal jackson..while id been attempting the mattehorn..
or gordon the carolinas..
and saying in his deforested gump..kinda voice..
"life is like a bar of toberlerone.."
it has its ups and downs..

anyway the moral of the story is..
dont trust your stop loss..<<
its like woman in a colour blind guy..

but dont worry the greenback will bounce back next week..
just like jonathan woss..
WON'T IT?????