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It's been a relatively brief relationship, but the few weeks I have been a member of this site has been an education. Not sure what I expected when I signed up so disappointment is not the issue. What surprises me is what the majority spend their time discussing. If this site's membership represents retail traders in general, I can well understand the statistics cited for failure rates in that class.

There are a few, just a few, who appear to be focused on what matters and doing more or less the right sorts of things. But so very few. As retail traders you have significant advantages over pro fins yet most appear not to be aware of them, or if you are, feel they aren't worth mentioning. For those that are hitting the sweet spots, that you continue to make an effort to educate the rest is laudable, but I suspect, based on what I have seen, inevitably doomed to failure. You are probably aware of this, but possibly get some other personal benefit from the exercise. Fair enough, but you may want to consider keeping your head down and powder dry - personal survival trumps altruism any day and some of those days can be extremely rainy days indeed.

For all of the others, the majority unfortunately, who feel form is more important than content and this site is to be used as their personal playground for bluster, boast and BS, continue as you are and I refer you to the title I have chosen for this thread, Good Luck, you will certainly need it, but even that won't be enough.
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