Good charting software for analysis


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Hi all

I am currently using MT4 for charting, but I found its functions are very limited, and I would like people in here introduce me a better one (if there is one) which can have these two functions.

1. Import trade history, the software should be able to read a format of file that contains the trade history, and shows on the chart where/when the trade is open and close.
My objective is to look back into my historical trades visually to understand how good/bad that i enter into a trend, so helping myself to set a better rule for the stop loss.

2. Having multi-windows, which shows the same symbol, but in different timeframe, therefore one is the zoom in/out of the other, and when I move across the time, the other one should move accordingly as well, so they are 'sync'.
I am not sure whether MT4 can do it, surely it allows multi-windows, but the time movement is not sync, has to be done manually. My objective is to see a point of time at multi time frame level.

Thank you very much for your sharing.